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IE sucks

Difficult to admit since I loved IE since these last months. However, taking advantage of the most advance technoques on HTC development and extensive DHTML content replacing and so on, I faced a lot of issues not simple to solve.
I mean memory leaks. I don’t have control on them, and they are strictly related to HTC and the way IE allocates them.
Basically, the memory on the client application keep growing at each async request to reload part of page (AJAX-style refresh) and don’t know how to free it up without closing the browser.
I think for the next stuff I’ll develop Smart Clients only, and if I am gonna to develop web based application I’ll do mostly with XML/XSL reloading entire page.
However, now that I am running into those issues I’ll try to find a solution and keep you informed.
Please pray for us.

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Just back from honeymoon

Hello to all,
I am starting this blog just now that I am back from the Honeymoon. Me and Anna married the 9th of September, and went to spend some beautiful days around the world.
We went in the USA (NY) for 5 days (a day was spent however to look at the wonderful Niagara falls), then in Baja California (Mexico). Finally back again to Los Angeles for the last day of vacation.
I’ll post some pictures of the whole trip on this blog asap.

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