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When installing VS 2008 TFS with SQL 2008 is not supported on the basic RTM version of the product.

The error is related to “Full Text Index services” that are not found. However they are correctly installed. This was due to the fact that SQL 2008 was not available when TSF 2008 went RTM.

In order to solve the issue you can do the following:

Run the newly created setup… contained on the “TARGETDIR” folder.

Hope this helps to anyone trying to do the same 🙂


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Some days ago I installed Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1. Being the first public Beta release, you can’t expect to have a stable and full featured version, but I had some issues just by creating a new project on Workflow Foundation. I mean I was not able to open the designer… Vistual Studio IDE crashed just when trying to finalize the designer loading phase.

After making some research, I found that the issue was related to the selected install location which was different than default one.

Basically I selected to install all in my “D:\” partition, since I had more available space there.

It appears that VS tries to read some referenced assemblies from the “default” folder on primary partition (C:\), and, by not finding them, an exception is raised and not managed by VS itself… so it crashes.

In order to make it work, do the following:

1) open cmd prompt

2) move on the folder where VS is supposed to be installed

3) create a “Virtual Link” to the folder where VS is actually installed (in my case d:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0) like that:

MKLINK /D “Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0” “D:\program files\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0"

the MKLINK command is very useful to create “Virtual” links between folders and files as you can see below:

This is an OS command, and makes the Win APIs to actually redirect the search as an IIS Virtual Directory does…

Very good feature that allows for resolution of many problems.

Hope this helps to others having the same issue!

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