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Sometimes it happens that you want to access Activity definition from your TrackingPartecipant implementation.

For instance, when dealing with “FlowSwitch” activities, you are NOT able to get the “name” of your Activity from the TrackingRecord itself, but you could reach further information using WorkflowInspectionServices against the definition and the ActivityID.

With DirectCast(record, ActivityStateRecord)

    ' extract actual activity...
    Dim activity As Activity =

    Dim ActivityName As String = .Activity.Name
    Dim ConditionExpression As String = String.Empty

    If TypeOf activity Is VisualBasicValue(Of Boolean) Then
        ' conditional statement...
        Dim conditionActivity As VisualBasicValue(Of Boolean) 

        conditionActivity = DirectCast(activity, VisualBasicValue(Of Boolean))
        ActivityName = "Condition"

        ' do something interesting... 
        ConditionExpression = conditionActivity.ExpressionText
    End If

Hope it helps!


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I want to post some information regarding issues you can face with after MS updated the MarketPlace Developer Portal to the new Developer Hub.

We already had a Marketplace account activated, paid and active with a product too, but with the update it stopped working.

I mean I was able to login with my Live ID, but trying to look at the Developer Hub Dashboard I got an error saying I had to update my contact information on the XBox Live Portal… ?.

This sounded very strange, since I was not remembering to have created any XBox Live Account… after some research I found that for some reason I created some years ago an Account on this XBox Live Portal where I wrongly selected a Country different than the one I was having on the main Marketplace Professional Account.

I asked MS to change the Country because I was not able to do that on http://billing.microsoft.com website. No way, they forced me to CANCEL and CREATE a new Account on both Windows Live and XBox Live web sites to gain access to the Developer Hub!!

This created a lot of issues because I was explicitly requested to specifiy a different COMPANY NAME when creating the new Live Account…

All this because they didn’t wanted to change the Country on either Account… to match the REAL one.

Ok… I created the new account… but now I lost all the information linked to my previous “Live” account. VERY DISAPPOINTING.



Should I say it again?…I have to say that I was not expecting this kind of issues…

If you have a problem like this, remember that:

  • You may request MS for a refund IF you already paid for the Marketplace subscription in the current year.
  • Deleting your Live account you delete all related information (and MSN Messenger contacts too… so beware!)
  • You need to register AGAIN and pay the initial subscription to MS, like you did the first time
  • You need to re-create the products on the new Developer Hub

I hope you are not having this issue…


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