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These days I came across Knockout. This GREAT library really provides necessary help for developers on building the next generation HTML5/CSS3 applications for both client and mobile platforms.

MVVM was firstly introduced on WPF and then on Silverilght to provide an intermediate mean for databinding a user interface to the underlying data model.

Today we can really provide the same experience also on browser applications, by doing databinding on HTML!

I have to say that with this library everything is different. This complementary library can work with JQuery and other frameworks.

Here you can look at how it works:


This library is very lightweight since is somewhat ~28Kb minified and 10 Kb compressed javascript.

Great Job Steve!


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Today I experienced something that made me really angry against Visual Studio 2008 Profiler! I spent half a day to try find why a certain program was slow at determinate operations, I was focusing to some complex methods because profiler was pointing me there and I was seeing no other sign of issues around.

Well, after losing a lot of hours, Mizokunimito came into rescue and promptly remembered me to avoid trusting this profiler.

I said “You’re joking. If the profiler shows me that this method reports the major number of samples then is the place to look for optimizations… ok, … if the profiler is right, and I really hope so”.

Well, he was completely right on that, Profiler was cheating. Some method calls were COMPLETELY MISSING FROM THE REPORT, thus pointing us to look at the wrong direction.

We saw that by manually adding some StopWatch.Start/Stop calls, and dumping the timings on the method that profiler, the time required to execute that method was only a few ms, compared to the simulation that was saying more than 1500 ms!!

Now, I know and we use Visual Studio 2010 for other projects, but in this case we had to keep the Visual Studio 2008 project for a number of reasons, so we had to use an “old” version of the profiler, … but… I have to admit, …

I learned another time, that

1) We should never trust software too much , and be always as St. Thomas… trust only your eyes, and look also where you think that there are no issues… because sometimes Murphy Law helps making this the actual answer to your performance issues!

2) Working on a real Team is a great thing!


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