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These days I’m working mainly on Visual Studio 2012 RC and since we use Xsd2Code, I thought about why can’t I have it running there?

Basically VS 2012 RC is really similar on the Add-Ins model (from what I understand it didn’t change a lot from the 2010 release).

However if you try to find it through NuGet you can’t find it, and if you install the CodePlex package you see that actually it does show up on earlier versions of Visual Studio, but not on Visual Studio 2012.

I tried to hack this stuff and “published” the AddIn manually by changing some files, and it looks like it’s working.

Install from here:


Here you go:

  • Find the folder “AddIns” on your personal Visual Studio 2010 folder. You should have the same file as shown here:

  • Now, move on the “Visual Studio 2012” folder, and copy the same Addin file as shown above (remember to create AddIn subfolder if not found).
  • Edit the AddIn file by adding the section highlighted below.

There you go!

Start Visual Studio 2012, and see that the tool is available on the AddIn manager.

Update: Darin asked me to add the file directly for those that don’t have Visual Studio 2010 installed on their machine, but only 2012,  here you go … from codeplex, for the VS 2010 version, apply the changes above and you’re done

Have fun with this great tool!


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