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Yes, Microsoft Press and Charles Petzold are giving this great book for free.

This book is great, since covers both Silverlight and XNA development on the WP7 platform.

You may want to buy the paper book at the stores.


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These days I am reading this book: "Debugging the development process" by Steve Maguire.
It’s a quite old book, but I consider it a must for any serious team lead. I am impressed from what Steve says about the actual activities that a team lead must do and what activities must not be done. How to protect your own team, and how to choose the right approach to the features you are going to develop. Actually I was already doing this stuff, but the book confirmed this is the right way to go.
Some important things to remember:
  • it’s very important for programmers members of a team to keep focusing on their development work, and don’t stop every 5 minutes reading the emails… for example
  • avoid too frequent dev-status meetings. Since they are meant to know if the project is on time, they can be replaced by: correct time estimation, notifications of a complete step to the rest of the team, come to the dev lead when something is not clear or problems arise.
  • never say "YES" to a feature request, if you don’t know exactly how to place it by the required release time; better to say "NO" instead of saying "YES" and generating other issues.

I’m continuing reading the book and let you know my final thoughts. However, I’ll propose to my team some new concepts based on what I read,… and I’ll also let you know how the experiment is going on later 🙂

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